Diving Damsel

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Diving Damsel

Post by Roadkill » Sun Feb 20, 2022 5:32 pm

Not your normal Damsel wet fly. ;)

I created this several years ago after talking with Mike Lawson about fishing Damsels (Wet and Dry) on various waters.

ImageRIMG2581 by William Lovelace, on Flickr

Hook-#12 Scud
Thread- Powder Blue
Body-Braided Mono leader material colored with Blue & Black Sharpie pens
Wing-Pearl Kystal Flash
Thorax-Light Blue Rug Yarn dubbing
Eyes-Blue glass beads mounted on Mono

I have had some smashing grabs fishing this during Damsel emergence or egg laying activity! :D

Thanks to nfrechet for prompting thoughts about Damsel flies! 8-)
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