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Strawberry Blonde Soft Hackle

Posted: Sat Feb 21, 2009 9:46 pm
by letumgo

Strawberry Blonde Soft Hackle
Material List: Hook - Mustad Model R70/Size 10
Thread - Black UNI-Thread (6/0)
Tail - Golden Pheasant Shoulder Feather (the red ones)
Body - Burn Orange UNI-Yarn
thorax - Burn Orange UNI-Yarn (wrapped back and forth a couple times to thicken the thorax). Rough up the body with a piece of Velcro teeth to make the body extra fuzzy.
Collar - Golden Pheasant Shoulder Feather (the red ones). Tye it in by the tip, fold the fibers over the stem, and wrap backwards towards the thorax. Run the thread through the fibers to reinforce the stem. Form a neat head and coat with clear nail polish).

The materials are listed in the order they are tyed onto the hook.